Music Together of Park Slope now administers and oversees

Pre-School Classes ONLY.


Currently Serving:

Atlantic Avenue Early Learning Center (BCS)

Duffield Children's Center (BCS)

PS 446 (Riverdale Avenue Community School)

Brooklyn Preschool of Science






Why Music Together?

We know children love music - they love hearing it, moving to it, and above all, they love making it!  This activity can also have a huge impact on your child's development. A Music Together® class is a fun, casual, and interactive way to help develop your child's musical growth, while supporting physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth as well.  Want to find out more?  Join us and see for yourself how much difference your silly and soulful participation in our weekly classes can make in your child's life.

Happily serving Park Slope since 1992!


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